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Spectrum: Autism Research News


Jyoti Madhusoodanan

Jyoti Madhusoodanan is a freelance science writer based in Portland, Oregon.

August 2020
Illustration shows an ear balancing on a brain, surrounded by barriers blocking sound waves

Confusion at the crossroads of autism and hearing loss

by  /  12 August 2020

Hearing difficulties and autism often overlap, exacerbating autism traits and complicating diagnoses.

November 2019
Close-up of child's hand on wet window

Mutations in cancer gene tied to unique autism traits

by  /  14 November 2019

Autistic people who carry mutations in a gene called PTEN have distinct behavioral and motor problems.

October 2019
Choosing between two plates: on the left, salmon and on the right, supplements.

Analysis finds little evidence to support dietary interventions for autism

by  /  28 October 2019

Special diets that eliminate certain foods or contain added supplements have minimal impact on autism traits, according to a review of 27 clinical trials.

August 2019
therapist in session with child, showing picture cards.

Studies of autism treatments lack standard yardsticks

by  /  21 August 2019

Clinical trials of autism treatments rarely use a consistent set of tools to measure efficacy, making it tough to compare the treatments.