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Ingrid Wickelgren

Features Editor, Spectrum

Ingrid Wickelgren edits Deep Dives, Spectrum’s long-form stories on important topics in autism research.

Before joining the foundation in 2015, Ingrid was senior editor at Scientific American Mind and wrote the Streams of Consciousness blog for She has also authored three popular science books and has written for Science, Discover, Health and The New York Times.

Ingrid has a B.S. in biological sciences from Stanford University.

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September 2018
Photo: Autistic woman Becky Audette lies on a couch under a purple blanket.

Rebooting Becky’s brain

by  /  12 September 2018

An electrical brain implant all but erased the obsessions that had consumed Becky Audette, years after her autism diagnosis. Could similar implants help other people with severe autism?

November 2016

Scientists blend work and life into palatable cocktails

by  /  14 November 2016

We asked researchers how they managed to mix family and fun with science into their days — and received some clever recipes.

December 2015

What’s the hardest part of an autism researcher’s job?

by  /  22 December 2015

Scientists dish about the biggest challenges they face as they tackle tough questions about autism.

November 2015

Webinar: André Fenton explores cognitive problems in autism

 /  18 November 2015

Watch the complete replay of André Fenton’s webinar exploring patterns of neural activity that underlie cognition.

October 2015

Questions for Will Spooren: Paving a path to autism drugs

by  /  13 October 2015

A European initiative that aims to provide a framework for clinical trials in autism has developed tools to track treatment responses.

September 2015

Large genome scan turns up new autism addresses

by  /  29 September 2015

An analysis of blood samples from nearly 17,000 individuals with autism points to new regions of the genome likely to be involved in the disorder.