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Francesca Happé

Professor of cognitive neuroscience, MRC SGDP Center, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London

Francesca Happé’s research in cognitive neuroscience focuses specifically on autism and investigation of related typical and atypical developmental processes, particularly as they relate to social cognition.

July 2019
Adults in a waiting room, a man talks to a nurse or doctor in medical setting

How autistic people use compensatory strategies to cope with daily life

In a large survey, autistic adults from around the world described their experiences of using psychological strategies to fit in.

October 2015

Male slant to research may skew autism’s reported sex ratio

by  /  19 October 2015

Clinicians may need to go beyond the ‘masks’ to find autism in women.

July 2014

Remembering Lorna Wing (1928-2014)

by ,  /  15 July 2014

Lorna Wing, who died in June, was the modest, kind and thoughtful mother of a daughter with severe autism. She was also a towering figure in the history of autism research, and her contributions to our understanding of autism cannot be overestimated.

March 2011

Why fold Asperger syndrome into autism spectrum disorder in the DSM-5?

by  /  29 March 2011

In the new diagnostic manual for psychiatric disorders, Asperger syndrome will be folded into autism spectrum disorder. Francesca Happé, a member of the committee that made the recommendation, explains the rationale behind the decision.