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Angie Voyles Askham

News Writer

Angie Voyles Askham is a reporter for Spectrum, where she covers neural circuits and gene therapy, among other topics. She proposed and writes Spectrum Launch, a monthly newsletter for early-career researchers. Before joining Spectrum in 2020, she worked in radio journalism and academic publishing. Voyles Askham has a Ph.D. in neuroscience from NYU and a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from Vanderbilt University. You can email her at [email protected] or find her on Twitter @avaskham.

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September 2021
Empty conference room with closeup of microphone in foreground.

Spectrum survey: Attending scientific conferences and meetings

by  /  16 September 2021

Help Spectrum report on the pandemic’s effect on conference plans by participating in a brief survey.


Placental hormone loss spurs autism-like traits in mice

by  /  2 September 2021

Mice exposed to unusually low levels of the placental hormone allopregnanolone in the womb show atypical brain development and autism-like behaviors.

August 2021
Week of AugustAug

Spotted around the web: Mislabeled ‘autism traits,’ cerebellum in autism, medicinal cannabis

Here is a roundup of news and research for the week of 23 August.

Young patient speaking to counselor.

Q&A with Brenda Finucane: Building pipelines for genetic tests for autism

by  /  17 August 2021

Most autistic people do not receive the medically recommended genetic tests for autism. Brenda Finucane and her colleagues want to change that.

Week of AugustAug

Spotted around the web: Roundworm connectome, NRXN1 rats, MRI headphones

Here is a roundup of news and research for the week of 2 August

July 2021
Week of JulyJul

Spotted around the web: Neuronal differentiation, vitamin D, Hollywood representation

Here is a roundup of news and research for the week of 26 July.

Week of JulyJul

Spotted around the web: Microbiota therapies, face processing in autism, Ninja Training

Here is a roundup of news and research for the week of 12 July.

Four brown lab mice in a cage, top-down view, with one mouse away from the group.

Autism-linked mutation may blur brain’s boundary between self, others

by  /  15 July 2021

A mutation in the autism-linked gene SHANK3 changes how neurons encode information about social agency in mice.

June 2021
side, top and frontal views of human brains.

How autism scientists are tackling brain imaging’s replication problem

by  /  30 June 2021

Reports of flaws in imaging research are signs of a maturing field, experts say, not a devastating blow to its results.

Portrait of Tonya White with her bike next to the water, Rotterdam.

Beyond the bench: A conversation with Tonya White

by  /  29 June 2021

When Tonya White isn’t studying brain development, she might be listening to audiobooks or cycling across Europe — but she probably isn’t tweeting.