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Ana B. Ibarra

Ana B. Ibarra, Web Reporter, is a bilingual journalist who started her career at the Merced Sun-Star.

August 2019
feet in worn sneakers stop in front of a yellow line on the pavement that reads: 'United States of America'

How the new ‘public charge’ rule affects immigrants’ healthcare benefits

by ,  /  27 August 2019

A new rule to restrict legal immigration, published by the Trump administration this month, is sowing confusion and anxiety even among immigrants not directly affected by it.

April 2019

U.S. states move to ban pesticide linked to developmental problems

by ,  /  26 April 2019

Lawmakers in several states are trying to ban a widely used pesticide that the Environmental Protection Agency is fighting to keep on the market.

March 2019
College age students taking a test

How the college admissions cheating scandal hurts students with disabilities

In the wake of this week’s college admissions cheating scandal, families and advocates are worried about a backlash that could make it harder for students with legitimate disabilities to get the accommodations the need.

March 2017

Virtual doctor visits may not reduce healthcare spending

by ,  /  13 March 2017

Telehealth services may boost access to care, but they don’t save money, according to a new study.

Mother with two sons at home

Spanish-speaking parents face language barrier at pediatrican’s office

by ,  /  1 March 2017

The findings of a new analysis hint that a 2009 state law establishing the right to a medical interpreter is either not being fully enforced or is not being promoted widely enough.